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Blasius Lofi Dewanto

e-mail:, and


Personal details
Marital status: married (since 9-9-99).
Nationality: Indonesian.
Date/Place of birth: 03.02.1971; Madiun, Indonesia.
1978 - 1984
Primary school BHK Jakarta, Indonesia.
1984 - 1990
Secondary school St. Theresia Jakarta, Indonesia.
1991 - 1992
Preparation school (Studienkolleg) at RWTH Aachen -

Study at the WWU-Mu
enster - Subject: Business Informatics.
1992 - 1996
Basic study, Bachelor -
1997 - 1998
Main study (emphasis: praktical informatics, management).
January 1998 - April 1998
End thesis for Business Informatics; Title: Conception and Implementation of a client/server oriented IAL+IAT system. Internet Assisted Learning and Internet Assisted Teaching; Grade: excellent -
Certificate. hot.gif (13095 Byte)
October 1999
End of study (Master of
Business and Information Science). - Certificate.

Language skills
Indonesian (mother tongue):

Malaysian (active and passive):

German (active and passive):
very good.

English (active and passive):
very good.

Programming, sport (karate & volleyball), visit theather, cooking, travelling.
Computer skills
Operating systems:
Windows 3.1, 3.11, DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Network.

Programming languages:
ADA, Assembler, Cobol, C, C++, Delphi (Expert), Java/JBuilder (Expert), Visual Basic for Application.

Distributed Systems:
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), DCOM (Distributed Component Object Modell) from Microsoft and RMI (Remote Method Invocation) Java.

Component architectures:
ActiveX from Microsoft, JavaBeans - EnterpriseJavaBeans (EJB), Servlet, JavaServerPages (JSP) from JavaSoft.

Access, Paradox, InterBase, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server.

Modelling software:
Rational Rose UML, Together.

Data Mining and KDD-Tools:
K.wiz from K.wiz Solutions (Data Mining and KDD-Tools).

Client/server systems, application development in a software trainee -
Certificate, SAP/R3 - Certificate, Microsoft Office, Visio, CorelDraw, Designer2000/Developer2000.

Open Source Applications:
Enhydra (Java and XML Application Server), JOnAs (Open EJB Server), CVS (Concurrent Versions System), HypersonicSQL (Open Java Database), Argo/UML (Open Source UML Tool).

01.07.1991 - 26.07.1991
German Post (Deutsche Bundespost)

Construction for telecomunication -

20.01.1992 - 10.04.1992

Trainee for study -

May 1997 until October 1999
Student Assistant at Institute for Industry and Hospital Management from Prof. Dr. Dietrich Adam -
  • The job covers a computerbased transformation of algorithms for a model supported Planning (Look at: Modellgestuetzten Planung und unvollkommene Information/Florian Funck. - Muenster : Lit, 1998; ISBN 3-8258-3922-2).
  • Development of a Production Planning and Controlling system including its simulation's system.

May 1998 until February 2000
Student Assistant at Institute for Business Informatics and Controlling from Prof. Dr. Heinz Lothar Grob.

  • The job covers continuing  the development of InterUSS (Internetbased University Support System), I has written in my thesis.
  • October 1999 until February 2000: Planning, Design and Implementation of a Web Log Mining System (Data Mining System for the Web) at the University of Muenster.

March 2000 until now
Professor Assistant at Institute for Business Informatics and Controlling from Prof. Dr. Heinz Lothar Grob.

  • Project coordinator of an open source project: OpenUSS - cHL administration system for the university.
Independent activities
January 1996
Bakery Information System
evelopment of a Bakery Information System in Solingen. The system contains Marketing, Personal, Production and Planning aspects.

June 1996
Pharmacy Information System
Development of a Pharmacy Information System in Jakarta, Indonesia. The system contains following components: Marketing, Personal and Purchase.

June 1998
Cofounder of and soft IQ hot.gif (13095 Byte)
A system for managing the so called "Unterrichtsentwuerfen" (paper for trainee teacher) for year 2000

Since end of 1998
Author: Java-Magazin: hot.gif (13095 Byte)
- Issue 06.98: JShield: Schwester J (JShield - installations tool).
- Issue 06.98: JExpress: Einmal Espresso, bitte (JExpress - installations tool).
- Issue 02.99: JSuite und JFCSuite: Im Komponenten-Dschungel der Java-Insel (JSuite and JFCSuite from ProtoView).
- Issue 02.99: Java und Datenbanken: Java-Speicher (Market analysis about Java and Databases) .
- Issue 03.99: CASE tools for Java.
- Issue 03.99: Components collection JClass.
- Issue 05.99: Graphics Components for Java.
- Issue 06.99: Components collection JClass 4.
- Issue 06.99: Components collection JSuite and JFCSuite version 2.
- Issue 06.99: Components collection StudioJ from RogueWave.
- Issue 01.00: An Interview with Gary Wood from Tidestone.
- Issue 01.00: JNI (Java Native Interface) Wrapper for Borland Delphi.
- Issue 01.00: Objectoriented Access on relational Databases with IBL Polar.
- Issue 02.00: Data Mining: Methods and Examples with K.wiz.
- Issue 03.00: SilverStream: "Java for the real world".
- Issue 03.00: IntelliBO: intellegent objectoriented access for relational databases.
- Issue 04.00: Databases for Java - Market analysis.
- Issue 04.00: Author of this month's issue.
- Issue 05.00: Datenbases for Java - Datenbases without end.
- Issue 05.00: Avantis Unisuite for Java: Avanti, Avanti!
- Issue 05.00: JOnAs: Java Open Application Server: EJB Server for free.
- Issue 05.00: XML-Authority: XML Authoring Tool.
- Issue 05.00: Java in Entertainment: Just play it!
- Issue 06.00: Distribution of Java Programs: Installation Tools.
Issue 06.00: Enhydra: Java/XML Open Application Server.
Issue 07.00: CASE tools for Java.
Issue 07.00: CVS: Concurrent Versions System.
Issue 07.00: Java in Entertainment: Battle for a cup of coffee.
- Issue 08.00: Open Source EJB Server: jBoss 2.0.
- Issue 09.00: The Java Community Process: JCP 2.0.
Issue 10.00: Interview with PointBase: A Java Database Vendor.
Issue 10.00: Application Service Provider and Java Technology.
Issue 10.00: HypersonicSQL und InstantDB: Open source Java Databases.

- Issue 11.00: Open Source Background: Be Open!
- Issue 11.00: Open Source Software Development Mediators.
- Issue 11.00: Tech. Overview: Enhydra, XMLC, Kelp.
- Issue 12.00: J2EE Application Server: Technical artikel about Orion Server 1.2.
- Issue 01.01: add!brain: E-Learning platform - a press conference.
- Issue 01.01: EJB Components Collection: Market analysis about Enterprise JavaBeans.
- Issue 02.01: Open Source Sourcecode Centric Development.
- Issue 02.01: Jetty and Hiawatha: Open Source Java HTTP server.

Autor: Linux Enterprise: hot.gif (13095 Byte)
- Issue 01.00: CVS: Concurrent Versions System.
- Issue 02.00: Open source Intermediaries SourceForge and SourceXchange.
- Issue 01.01: Build process for open source projects: ant and jmk.

Author: Der Entwickler: hot.gif (13095 Byte)
- Issue 04.99: Copy guard systems.
- Issue 06.99: Data Mining: Tools for Analysing and Evaluating Data.

May 1999
Consultant for HSI-Immobilien
Implementing a database for real estate, network extension, design and implementation of internet presentation included its automation in Muenster.

Another projects

Another publication (in German)
CAL+CAT (Computer Aided Learning + Computer Aided Teaching): Grob, H. L., Bensberg, F., Dewanto, B. L., Das cHL-Redaktionssystem InterUSS, Arbeisbericht Nr. 14. Muenster 1999.


  • Interview in English with the European Bussiness Manager from Tidestone (Producer of FormulaOne Spreadsheet Components in ActiveX and Java) in London, September 1999.
  • Interview in English with the CEO from Germany and the International Technology Account Manager from USA of SilverStream (application server vendor) in Cologne, November 1999.
  • Interview in English with the President/CEO and Vize President/Sales of PointBase (Java Database Vendor) from USA in Dortmund, May 2000.

Further training
Borland Developer Conference in Frankfurt, September 1999.
Borland Developer Conference in Frankfurt, September 2000.